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E-learning and Communication Consultant for the development of Online Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Resources for 12 Medical Colleges in Alberta

Project Date: 2016, April - 2017, April
Partners in this project: 1) Alberta College of Optometrists, 2) Alberta College of Pharmacists, 3) Alberta Dental Association & College, 4) College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, 5) College and Association of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta, 6) College of Alberta Dental Assistants, 7) College of Alberta Denturists, 8) College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta, 9) College of Midwives of Alberta, 10) Physiotherapy Alberta - College Association, 11) College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, 12) College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta

Project Description

eHanlis Inc. was hired to work with representatives from 12 health regulatory Colleges in Alberta and a Subject Matter Expert to develop training resources for health professional who are at risk of exposure or have been exposed to blood and body fluid. The content of the resources was based on published resources from Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

eHanlis Inc. proposed and developed innovative strategies for prevention and management training including two interactive case based online modules a poster using a mnemonic, and an interactive algorithm that health professionals.

The tools are designed to support community health care providers and increase their awareness of the appropriate response to blood and body fluid exposure (BBFE). According to clinical evidence, proper post-exposure assessment, including the timely provision of prophylaxis, reduces the likelihood of blood borne virus transmission following occupational BBFEs.


• Engaged the Steering Committee and Chairs representing 12 medical colleges throughout the project, providing multiple opportunities for feedback and consultation around the resource content, format, and visual design.
• Developed a Website to house all the resources (
• Developed the following resources:
o Online module: Protecting Yourself and Preparing Your Workplace
o Online Module: Your Post-Exposure Pathway
o Interactive Online Algorithm: Have You Been Exposed to BBFE?
o Poster: I have been exposed to blood or body fluid. 
What do I do FIRST?
o Poster: Do you think you have been exposed to a BBFE
• Developed a communication plan around appropriate tactics and messages for dissemination of the BBFEAB.CA Website and the resources developed
• Developed an online survey to evaluated the resources

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